The Course

Learning to Play Chess is Easy and Fun

Level 1
Teach your children to play chess in an engaging, playful way. This course will teach you how to introduce chess so that your child loves to learn how to play -whilst developing their brainpower at the same time!

The ‘Parent’s Manual’ teaches with step by step lessons, the easiest way to make chess your child’s favourite pastime.

Chess Book
The new course now comes complete with videos of each lesson being taught to a 3 year old – without any edits or replays. You will see Shanti going from not knowing anything about chess, to playing a full game from start to finish. These videos will help to see it being done and hopefully give you confidence to teach each lesson adapting it to suit your child.


Chess Video

Lessons are short and interactive and include fun activities and worksheets to complete.

Chess Worksheets

Your child will learn the names of all the pieces and will also practice how each piece moves. They will build on skills already learned and the lessons progress at the their rate, encouraging rather than overwhelming, until they can play a full game -no problem. The activities are exciting and inspiring and will get your child wanting more every time!


It has been already tried and tested with amazing results, getting children not only understanding the game but also really becoming involved and focused as their understanding grows.

This course provides a guaranteed, easy way to quickly grow your child’s brainpower now! It is a unique method which gives you everything you need to teach your child the game of geniuses.


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Level 2

Now that your child knows all the pieces, can play a game of chess and has developed their attention, concentration and thinking power, it is time then for Level 2 which focuses on strategy, game planning, opening moves and more.
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